A möbius mobile marketing az első mobilra fókuszáló hazai digitális ügynökségként alakult 2012-ben.

Célunk azóta is változatlan: a legújabb kreatív technológiák segítségével építünk egyedi
digitális marketing megoldásokat ügyfeleink számára.

Along the years we have pioneered a number of exciting creative technology solutions in Hungary


Interactive exhibition guide powered by BLE beacons

Beacons & audioguide accompanying the exhibited artworks at ROM Audiovisual Festival


Progressive Web App

Info site for Telenor’s MyMusic data plan, that doubles as a radio webapp.


e-book reader app for both iOS and Android

Bookline Reader is the first e-book reader application for both big platforms, with store integration.


mobile-friendy FB app

A truly usable webapp to discover Jófogás classified ads from your FB friends.

Messaging and chatbots within messaging apps create a communication platform where dialogue between brand and customers finally come true. Personalized, engaging and easy to resume, the conversation can go on forever.



Careful strategic planning ensures that your users find the chatbot useful, and it generates you profit. We build up its character, draw its face and write unique copy, and do it all with your brand in mind.

Személyre szabott teszt chatbot készítés



The chatbot will be integrated to your communication and CRM systems, and we use social media and POS communication to reach the potential users.

A marketingkommunikációba jól beilleszthető chatbotot online és social media hirdetésekkel juttatjuk el a felhasználóhoz.



As we get to know the audience better, we can use this valuable database to reach out to them again and again – a properly maintained and updated chatbot can stay useful forever.

A chatbot felhasználókról értékes adatokat tudunk meg, ami segít a hatékony megszólításban újra és újra.

Take a look at our existing chatbots!

Take a look at our existing chatbots!

Müszi Lujza

I was a host and guide at ROM Audiovisual Meetup at MÜSZI, Budapest.

Libri gift-finder

I helped those standing in front of the shelves of bookstores, struggling to find a christmas present.

Citroën Chatbot Assistant

I introduce the new C4 Cactus to those interested, and help them book a test drive or make a request for price.

Telenor Wallet Band

I promote a new cashless payment solution, and offer help to install it.


Making a successful chatbot requires a whole lot more than just technology. Our team of advertising, marketing and online communication professionals guarantees that your new marketing tool will fit your brand identity, help your business goals and works within your existing workflows and systems.

Dencs Gábor


Láng Miklós


Németh Domonkos Tamás


Szabó Rita

Junior creative

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